Composition 102 Syllabus

EH102:  Freshman Composition II

Section 01: MWF 9:10-10:05  

Morton Hall 240

Dr. Allen Berry

Email:           Office: Morton Hall 218A

Office Hours: M/W. 10:15-11:15, T/Th. 10:00-11:00; or by appointment

Class site:

Required Textbooks(All available at UAH Bookstore):

Blake, Brandy Ball and L. Andrew Cooper eds. Monsters: Fountainhead Press V  Series. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead Press, 2012. Print.

Frost, Alanna, and Heather Cross, eds. UAH First Year Composition Guide. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead

Press, 2015.

Course Description:  See UAH Guide to Composition for course policies.

Credit Hours: 3

Course Objectives:  This course is designed to introduce freshman students to primary research, secondary research texts, academic analysis and writing, and rhetoric specific to different writing needs and audiences.  The process includes critical reading, analysis, and writing approaches. Research and documentation basics are stressed to avoid plagiarism.

Course Policies & Grading System

See UAH Guide to Composition for course policies.

Course Requirements:

Assignment Points
ePorfolio – including select papers written during the term 500
Composing Process – includes mid-term eportfolio evaluation 250
Peer Review / Workshop 100
Class Participation & Attendance 150

Grading Details:

Google Site: Papers will receive progress assessments throughout the term, but your final grade for 50% of the course depends on successful completion of your ePortfolio site. To be eligible to publish your site, you must submit all papers on their due dates, and you must participate in peer review and class work leading up to those grading deadlines. Evidence of thoughtful revision of your final research paper is mandatory on your site. We will have one day devoted to setting each student up with a Google site through their email address, and an assignment sheet with all required components will be given on that day.

Essay Process: You will be required to write often in this course. Specifically for your ePortfolio, there are due dates for the drafts of your work. On the day that your drafts are due (see Schedule), it is your responsibility to bring to class two complete copies of your draft.

Required Essays:

  1. Argument of Fact (2-5 pages)
  2. Annotated Bibliography (6-8 sources)
  3. Research Proposal (2-5 pages)
  4. Literature Review (2-3 pages)
  5. Research Paper (8-10 pages)


Brief Overview of Essays: Since EH 102 is a research-intensive class, each essay will essentially work toward the final research paper. For instance, I hope that the “Argument of Fact” will help you brainstorm potential research topics, while the “Annotated Bibliography” will ask you to establish a research question and collect secondary sources for that project.  In the “Research Proposal” you will lay out your plan for collecting data and writing your research paper and then you will establish your argument within the current scholarly conversation via the “Literature Review.”  Pieces of or sections of these essays may potentially end up as part of your final research paper.

All assignments are expected to be in 12 point font, Time New Roman. You will e-mail each assignment to me with the appropriate filename (Yourname_Paper 1.doc). I use Microsoft Word Comment to evaluate and grade your essays, so you should save your essay in a compatible form (either .doc, .docx, or .rtf).

Each of these assignments will need to be turned into the appropriate Angel drop box by the start of class, and any assignment turned in after that time will receive a penalty for being late in accordance with the time it is received. Assessments with responses will also be available via Canvas.

Peer Review/Workshop: Ordinarily, we write for an audience. Consequently, we learn as writers by reading others’ work and having them comment on ours. For this class, we will peer review or workshop all essays. During class time we will be writing, discussing readings, and most importantly, critiquing each other’s writing during informal and formal peer reviews.

Attendance Policy & Class Participation:

  • Attendance will be taken daily, and you will be graded on your participation in class. Because of the way peer review is conducted, punctuality is extremely important. If you are more than 20 minutes late to class, you will receive a 50% deduction in your participation grade for that class. Students who miss more than 40 minutes of class will be considered absent. There is no distinction in this class between excused and unexcused absences. Quizzes and in-class activities cannot be made up without an approved University excuse. More than 20% (8 absences) from the class will result in an F for the course.

Note: Failure to attend does not constitute a withdrawal from the class. If you need to withdraw, please follow the withdrawal procedures of UAH.  If you do not formally withdraw and do not attend class, I am required to fail you for the semester. To avoid jeopardizing their F-1 status, international students should consult an international student advisor (UC118) BEFORE withdrawing from any classes.

Athletes and Excused Absences for Games

Athletes should have a schedule of games from the coach and should give that to the instructor. The athlete is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor to make up missed work.  If an athlete is missing classes other than those for travel reasons, it would be best to contact the coach to let them know.

  • Participation will be judged by both:
  • In-class Writings – These will be assigned randomly and will be either directed responses to a reading or topic or will allow you to practice a specific skill, individually or in small groups. If students are not participating fully in class discussion and writing assignments, a pop quiz covering the material from the reading may be given.
  • Reading responses on the main class Google site – These are reader responses detailing your opinion about what the author has said or how you read the text. You can feel free to elaborate a point from the reading, disagree with an author, or supplement from books and/or other media that discuss a similar theme or topic. Each student is responsible for four 200-250 word entries during the semester on the Discussion Board of the EH102-02 class site on a pass/fail basis, so as long as you have posted at least four responses of the correct length you will receive full points.
  • Preparedness – This course and all others you take are your vocation. If you approach it seriously and professionally, there is very little chance that you will have to retake the course. Bring paper, pen, and textbooks to each class for any in-class writing assignment. Have all readings completed before class time and be willing to engage the class in meaningful discussion of the topic.
  • Individual Conferences – You will be required to meet with your instructor once in the semester to discuss your research process and your standing in the class at midterm.



Please think of the classroom as a writing community. As such, you are expected to extend to your colleagues all manner of professional courtesies. Respect for the verbal and written contributions of your classmates is of utmost importance to the success of the class, and we value it highly. Antagonistic verbal or written responses are not acceptable. Your cell phones should be turned off during class unless otherwise arranged with the instructor. No texting during class will be tolerated.

Statement on Student Responsibility for Withdrawing from Courses: Through the tenth week of the fall or spring semester, a student may withdraw from any course by executing a withdrawal on the Registrar’s website, meeting with their advisor, or submitting a Registration/Schedule Adjustment form to Charger Central. Specific deadlines for withdrawal can be found on the University’s semester calendars. After the tenth week, a student may withdraw from a course only under extenuating circumstances and with the approval of the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. Avoidance of an undesirable grade does not justify withdrawal. The request for withdrawal approval in this situation must be submitted with a written explanation of the extenuating circumstances and any appropriate documentation to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled, and it is the duty of the dean to verify that the circumstances justify withdrawal from a course. In addition, students participating in certain programs must secure approval or give adequate notification to the appropriate officers of these programs. It is the joint duty of these programs and the Office of Student Records to insure that students participating in these programs are aware of any such requirements. Class non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal nor does notification to the instructor. Any student failing to follow the established procedure for withdrawal will continue to be enrolled in the class and may receive a failing grade in that course. If the withdrawal process is completed during the first two weeks of the semester, the withdrawing student’s name does not appear on the final rolls of the class from which the student withdrew, and that course does not appear on the student’s permanent record. If the withdrawal process is completed after the first two weeks, then the withdrawing student’s name will be on the final roll of the class from which the student withdrew, and that course will be recorded on the student’s permanent record with a final grade of W.

Statement on Academic Honesty: Your written assignments and examinations must be your own work. Academic misconduct will not be tolerated. To ensure that you are aware of what is considered academic misconduct, you should review carefully the definition and examples provided in Article III, Code of Student Conduct, Student Handbook, p. 93. If you have any questions in this regard, please contact me right away.

Statement on Use of Prior Work: You may not submit in fulfillment of requirements in this course any work submitted, presented, or used by you in any other course.

Statement on Accommodation for Disabilities: The University of Alabama in Huntsville will make reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you need support or assistance because of a disability, you may be eligible for academic accommodations. Students should identify themselves to the Disability Support Services Office (256-824-1997 or Wilson Hall 317) and their instructor as soon as possible to coordinate accommodations.

Tutoring: The university’s Undergraduate Writing Program with the Student Success Center offers tutoring and is located during the week on the first floor of Salmon Library. It is recommended that you call (824-3472) or e-mail ( to schedule an appointment. For more information visit their website:


Course Schedule:               

            NOTE: M = Monsters,  SR = Supplementary Reading FYC=First Year Composition

DATE                     CLASS PERIOD/READINGS                                                                                               DUE ON THIS DAY

Aug 19                   Introduction,        read first four chapters for FYC

Aug 21                    Introduce FYC text, and discuss pages 1-28.  Writing Sample

Aug 24                      Book Introduction & “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” (M Pages 1-28)

Aug 26                   Practicing Rhetoric (FYC pages 27-36)

Aug 28                   Excerpts from The Uncanny (M Pages 179-191)

Aug 31                   Excerpts from Frankenstein (M Pages 35-41)

Sep 2                      Intro to Canvas
Sep 4                      “Parasites and Perverts: An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity” (M Pages 123-136)

Sep 7                      HOLIDAY – NO CLASS

Sep 9                      Intro to Argument of Fact (FYC 265-268)

Sep 11                    “Shitty First Drafts” (FYC 235-238)

Sep 14                    Peer Review of Argument of Fact

Sep 16                    Peer Review of Argument of Fact                                      Draft of Argument of Fact

Sep 18                    Revising (FYC 445-455)

Sep 21                    Excerpts from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (M Pages 79-93)

Argument of Fact DUE

Sep 23                    Intro to Annotated Bib.
Sep 25                    Finding Sources (FYC Pages 271-290)

Sep 28                    MLA Style Documentation

Sep 30                    Excerpts from Killing Monsters (M Pages 219-229)

Oct 2                      Intro to Research Proposal

Oct 5                      Romero’s Zombie Films (M Pages 55-61)/The Walking Dead

Oct 7                      NPR Zombies (site)            Annotated Bibliography DUE

Oct 9                      FALL BREAK – NO CLASS
Oct 12                    Peer Review of Research Proposals


Oct 14                    Peer Review of Research Proposals

Oct 16                    “Frankenstein: A Feminist Critique of Science”/Intro to Lit Review Research Proposal DUE

Oct  19                   Individual Conferences

Oct 21                    Individual Conferences
Oct 23                    Individual Conferences

Oct 26                    Peer Review of Literature Review                                                                                                                                                                                                         Draft of Literature Review                                                                                                     

Oct 28                    Civilized Vampires vs. Savage Werewolves: Race and Ethnicity in the Twilight series (M 155-172)                                                                                                                                                                               Literature Review DUE

Oct 30                    “The Company of Wolves” (M Pages 101-111)

Nov 2                     Research Presentations

Nov 4                     Research Presentations

Nov 6                     Research Presentations

                                                                                                                                                Draft of Research Paper

Nov 9                     Workshops

Nov 11                   Workshops/Revision

FINAL Research Paper DUE

Nov 13                   Bring a copy of one of your early essays (argument of fact – annotated bib) for workshop with a                                 peer                                                                                                                ePortfolio shared with teacher

Nov 16                   Final Papers handed back – workshop from comments

Nov 18                   Example revision

Nov 20                   Reflections essay peer review

Nov23                    Reflections essay peer review

Nov 30                   Last Day of Class                                                                                                               ePortfolios DUE by class time

**Course Schedule is subject to change at instructor’s discretion.         


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