Student Evaluations

I received the following email from a student at the end of the semester while teaching a Literature Survey course.  Wendi was one of my brightest students, and after reading this email, I was as shocked by her words as I was honored.

Dear Prof. Berry,

My name is Wendi XXXXX. I was in your Eng 102 class this past semester. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done this past semester. You know that I took Eng 102 once before at XXXXXXX and made an “F”. While I’m still not sure what I am doing differently now than I was then, the way in which I view literary criticism is very different. Instead of viewing a piece of literature as having a certain meaning and if you don’t know what that specific meaning is then you are wrong, I view literature as sort of like a box of crayons. Literature is the tools you use to create. Eng 102 is essentially an art class. If you handed me a box of crayons and asked me to use them to draw a picture, as long as I use those crayons, no matter what I draw, I can not be wrong. The only difference is you are handing us poems and asking us to create ideas. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I finally get it(or at least think I do!) and thank you for trying to help me. I am going to submit my paper to that conference, I appreciate the suggestion!!! Good luck in the PhD program.


Other Students are a bit more succinct in their commentary:

Course: ENG 333 Section: H007

COMMENT: Great Instructor!! loved the class!! I hope to receive an A for the work I’ve done

Course: ENG 101 Section: H013

COMMENT: This by far has been my most challenging, and interesting English course yet. It was hard at first by the teacher
helped me improve as a writer by helping me with stylistic forms of writing, and guidance throughtout the semester.
COMMENT: he was a good teacher. many students had a rocky start with him, but overall he turned out to be a good teacher and
very cool.
COMMENT: Thoroughly enjoyed this class!
COMMENT: Prof. Berry was a great teacher, I think you should keep him around. The first day of class our real teacher never
showed up and he jumped right in there the second day and had us right on track
COMMENT: This class is a good class to take if a student needs help writing paper, it helped me to be more comfortable
writing papers.

Course: ENG 102 Section: H025

COMMENT: Mr. Berry was a great English teacher and I would recommend him to anyone!
COMMENT: Professor Berry is the man.
COMMENT: Professor Berry is very easy to work with and explains everything very well. I enjoyed having him as an instructor.

Course: ENG 203 Section: H014 World Literature

COMMENT: I enjoyed! learned alot Great Instructor!!COMMENT: Great Teacher!
COMMENT: Great class. Great material. Great prof. I’ve had him before for ENG 101, and he is the only reason I got up at 8am
to take this class. You guys should REALLY think about putting this class later in the day. Or provide free coffee.

From “Rate my”

COMMENT:  An excellent prof! The material chosen was interesting and class discussions were engaging. Mr. Berry is willing to help anyone at any time understand the material, and his comments on our work are insightful, and lend themselves to helping students improve their work. If he taught in my major I would take more classes with him. TAKE HIS CLASSES!


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